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Industrial buildings

 The field of industrial construction is a relatively new segment with Trung Lam Steel structure company . However, with the will to learn and test yourself through some small projects.




Recently, the company has been contracted to build a number of items in the project of cement plants, hydropower plants with a total value of over VND 10 billion, the project is in the process of completion and good quality. Specifically, in quarter 2/2015, the company won the bidding to build large-scale factory.




At a cost of 120,000 to 1,890,000 VND / m2, a full-walled ToLe roof, according to the steel structure.

Steel Building

The raw material price of VND 1,900,000 / m2 of 7cm reinforced concrete floor, enterprises and individuals have obtained a factory, warehouse with quality standards.

Trung Lam Construction Company uses quality products according to technical specifications TC3 STANDARD.

The above costs include materials and labor costs installed in Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong and Dong Nai.

Industrial buildings trung lâm

Industrial buildings Trung Lam



Trung Lam Construction

Production must be safe - that is required by law. Construction works are manufacturing industries that contain high risk of "unsafe". There are innumerable causes of accidents but can be attributed to the following main groups: Falls, high-falling objects that cause shock, electric shock or electric shock combined with high falls, clamping, rolling or impacting machines, Excavation of excavated holes, landslides etc.

 Therefore, the contractor has institutionalized the legal requirements into production regulations: " All works, work items, construction stages must set up technical measures for construction, be managed by the Director. The company approves, before making a decision to assign the task and allow it to start. In such measures, it is required to have labor safety measures - fire and explosion prevention and environmental protection ".

Industrial buildings trung lâm

Industrial buildings Trung Lam

1. General measures

Decentralization of responsibility for occupational safety (occupational safety). Based on the general regulations of the Company and the characteristics of the project - The Director of the company decides to decentralize " responsibility for occupational safety " in building specific works for each person: from the Director of the company, departments, team leaders, project managers. Technical staff ... to the team of workers participating in construction.

Industrial buildings

Industrial buildings Trung Lam

This decentralized document is a specific plan to direct the implementation and is the binding responsibility of each organization and individual in the Company before the state law in the event of an incident.

Building internal rules: The director of the project prepares a regulation of the construction site, briefly summarizing measures on labor safety, fire and explosion prevention and fighting, environmental protection, protection of construction assets and order Security in the process of working, accommodation, traveling, going to the construction site.

Rules are written in large letters on the board next to the entrance and easy to read and read. Organize for everyone to participate in the construction of the project: Study thoroughly the site rules, general safety measures. Who has not yet studied yet to work.

Teams have the right and obligation to refuse work arrangements for those who have not yet learned the methods and internal rules of the site. Prepare and implement a plan on occupational safety for the project - as an organic part of the company's general economic and technical plan, including: Periodic study, propaganda of education, training, and export signs, signs, sign boards, sign boards - according to the form set by the Company.

Open books to record and monitor the allocation of personal protective equipment; Issuance of work safety cards - access cards to the site ... Minimum equipment required for people is hard hats and work shoes. Those who do not wear safety helmets and do not wear protective shoes cannot enter the building. Periodic medical examination and abnormal examination when there is a job to be done on high, deep, or more hazardous work ...

The above contents must be signed to confirm the personal responsibility of each person. The monitoring book is set up by the Company and is compulsory for all dependent units.


 2. Specific measures

There are safety handrail when building high. Stretching fabric to shield dust: the entire outer surface of the building or each part of dust-proof orientation is stretched by solid fabric according to the construction height. Shielding the entrance to the building, forcing people to go in the right way with the roof covering 2 -: - 4m .

 Arbitrary entry! Cover, barricade all holes in the construction site such as excavations, pits, ditches ... and on all floors of the building floor. Shielding the many passages near the construction site.

 Making a solid shielding floor at the vertical surfaces must be constructed simultaneously with many different elevations. Failure to cover or shield is not safe enough, employees have the right to refuse work and must immediately report to the project manager.

Industrial buildings trung lâm

Industrial buildings Trung Lam

 Measures to erect scaffolding scaffolds: For steel scaffolds: steel pipes used for scaffolding and associated steel belts are not bent, flattened, concave, cracked, punctured and other defects. The columns of the scaffolding must be inserted into the base and fixed firmly and firmly. How high a scaffolding must be anchored to the building.

 The location of the anchor hook must follow the design. When the anchor position coincides with the right wall hole as the inner bracing system to anchor, the steel belts must be firmly connected to prevent the sliding beam on the column-stand. Safety in formwork, reinforcement & concrete: For the combination and erection of formworks: Formwork used to support concrete structures must be fabricated and erected in accordance with the requirements in exam design. public approved. Pre-assembled composite blocks into blocks or large plates must be solid. Construction of formwork for the structure must include working floors and guardrails. The distance from formwork to working floor is not more than 1.5m .

 Do not place on the formwork equipment, materials - must be worn directly on the banning and placing the formwork, parts of the formwork, the slopes, the paths adjacent to the hole or the outer edges of the building. In vertical or inclined positions, do not pinch them. Before pouring concrete, the construction technician must check it carefully, if any damage must be repaired immediately. Repair areas must have barriers and signs.


Safety in machining and erection of reinforcement: Preparation of billets and reinforcing work must be carried out in a separate area, surrounded by barriers and signs. Cutting, bending and pulling reinforcement must use specialized machines or equipment. The use of rebar processing machines must comply with the regulations. There must be measures to prevent steel splint when cutting rebar with sections longer than or equal to 0.3m .

 The reinforcing table must be firmly fixed, especially when processing steel with a diameter greater than 20mm . If the reinforcing work table has workers working on either side, there must be a protective wire mesh at least 1m high in the middle. Finished steel reinforcement must be placed in the right place.

 When straightening round steel rolls by right machine: Cover the cover on the reel before opening the machine. Braking the motor when inserting the steel connector into the roll shaft. Hedges prevent two sides of steel yarn from running to roll of the machine. The rolls of steel rolls must be placed 1.5m to 2m away from the drum of the prison machine and placed not larger than 50cm from the surface.

 There are barriers around. There must be a central part between the drum roll of the machine and the movement of the steel wire being removed. Only the top of the steel fiber can be attached to the machine when the machine has stopped working. Straightening the reinforcement with electric winches or hand winches, must take measures to prevent steel fibers from falling or breaking into the body. The rope of the winch is connected to the place where the steel needs straightening with specialized equipment, not connected by the method of tie.

 Cable and steel wire when pulled must be in the barrier. It is only possible to remove or install the end of the reinforcement on the winch cable when the winch stops. It is forbidden to use a transmission device to cut steel sections shorter than 80cm without safety devices. Only move the rebar position on the table when the disc stops working. When processing rebar and rust cleaning must fully equipped personal protective equipment for workers.

 Installing reinforcement for walls, beams, beams, columns, walls and other similar structures must use a platform that is wider or equal to 1m . The passageway on reinforced frames must be lined with a board of not less than 40cm width. When processing reinforcing steel in a workshop or on-site, at night it needs to be fully lit to ensure lighting intensity. Forcing reinforcement must use specialized tools: prohibit hand-tie. No reinforcement on the work floor or formwork exceeds the allowable load in the design.

 Safety when pouring and compacting concrete: Before pouring concrete, the construction technician must check the installation of formwork, reinforcement, scaffolding, working floor, transport road. Concrete shall only be carried out after confirmation of the documents. Construction of concrete in structural parts with a tilt of 30o or more must be firmly anchored devices. Workers must wear full straps. Construction of concrete in deep holes or in tight positions, workers must stand on the operation floor and ensure ventilation and lighting intensity and ensure ventilation and lighting intensity. Using vibrating compaction to compact concrete mortar needs: Earthing vibrator shell.

 Use insulated wire connected from the distribution board to the electric motor of the beam. Stop vibrating for 5 to 7 minutes, after each continuous work of 30 to 35 minutes. Machine operators must be equipped with insulated rubber boots and other personal protective equipment. Safety when dismantling formwork: Removing formwork only after concrete has reached the specified intensity under the guidance of construction technicians. When removing formwork must be removed in a reasonable order, there must be measures to prevent the left formwork or the structure of the building collapsed unexpectedly. The place to remove formwork must have barriers and signs.

 Before removing formwork, all excess materials and equipment placed on construction parts of the formwork are about to be removed. When removing formwork, must regularly observe the status of structural parts, if there is a deformation phenomenon, it must stop removing and inform construction technical staff. After dismantling the formwork, it must cover the holes of the building. Do not let the formwork be removed on the working floor or throw the formwork from above. Formwork after removing must be nailed and placed in the prescribed place.

 Safety in the use of construction vehicles: All construction vehicles must have sufficient technical documents, including basic technical specifications and instructions on installation, transportation, preservation and use. use and repair, with shift books, books to monitor the technical status of the machine. Construction vehicles must meet the safety requirements during use, must be technically maintained, and periodically repaired according to the technical dossier. When renovating the machine or repairing replacement parts of the machine, it must be designed and approved according to the current design procedures. Lifting devices used for the project are managed and used according to TCVN 4244 - 86 and regulations.

 Vehicles - construction machines with electrically conductive construction must be: Insulated or covered with bare electric parts. Grounding protects non-electrical metal parts of vehicles - machines. Moving parts of vehicles - machines that may be dangerous for workers to be shielded or equipped with protective equipment. In cases where the moving part cannot cover or equip with other protective means due to its tool function, it must be equipped with a signal device.

 Vehicles - construction machines must ensure that when in working mode, abnormal signals must be signaled, while in cases where it is necessary to have equipment to stop, automatically turn off the engines - or eliminate risk factors dangerous. Vehicles - mobile construction machines must be equipped with sound or light signal equipment. There must be signs in the scope of operation of the machine.

 3. Electrical safety measures: Include the following contents

Instructions for using electricity for lighting and equipment. Prohibited rules attached to violation penalty rules. Dispatching professional staff on electricity management, monitoring and implementing regular and timely repair and maintenance ... Construction electricity lines must be prepared and approved before the construction site leaders and professional departments. when being allowed to pull the line ... The installation of equipment and electric lines must comply with TCVN 4756-89 and TCVN 5556-914 .

 Organization of medical field work: Depending on the construction site and medical facilities around the area to arrange forces and scale of medical services at the construction site to aim at: First aid, timely emergency In the best possible condition every time there is an accident. On the other hand, medical personnel are directly involved in both industrial hygiene and environmental protection of construction works. At the construction site, there are medicine chests, some first aid equipment such as bandages, alcohol ... etc.

 5. Organizing periodical inspection:


By month, quarter, year and irregular inspection by superior units, labor inspection teams of central and local levels.


 6. Well organized and well-managed "safety and hygiene" network


The UNI0N is in charge. This is the mass force that manages the industrial hygiene and labor safety for themselves and their units. Good organization of self-governing force will be very effective.



The contractor strictly complies with the following contents

1. Making plans for fire and explosion prevention and fighting

The problem of fire and explosion with its very serious consequences requires the Contractor to actively build a practical and effective prevention plan right from the time of construction and construction methods. In the construction method, it is necessary to take measures to prevent fire and explosion. In insurance, having fire and explosion insurance ... Measures must be protected before company leaders and accepted.

 If the project is large-scale, the construction time is long and has a special sensitivity to fire and explosion such as: petroleum industry, arsenal, mines and detonators, chemical warehouses, cotton warehouses, Flammable substances, etc. It is necessary to pre-screen fire protection agencies and approved management. The solutions for construction organization are firstly to organize the construction site. Arrangement of fences, gateways, roads, power and water sources, arrangement of camp sheds, etc. must be thoroughly grasped the requirements of the plan " Room Explosion-proof "... The fire prevention and fighting plan must be reported to the local authorities and subject to their inspection and direction in terms of expertise:

 In case the construction site does not have a specialized agency, it must report to the local authorities for support and coordination in fire prevention and fighting when necessary. Purchase of construction insurance, construction machinery and equipment, processing workshops according to the current regime of the Vietnamese State and specific requirements of bidding dossiers. Register according to state regulations for fire and sensitive equipment and devices such as: Pneumatic cylinders, Steam welding batteries (oxygen bottles and lamp tanks).



 2. Organization of fire and explosion prevention and fighting


Depending on the size and nature of the project to arrange the responsible officials and workers to prevent and fight against fire and explosion. This force is trained in professional skills, practicing assumptions and unified situations newspaper, prescribing direct regime etc. Prepare equipment such as ladders, picks, hoes, shovels, bucket buckets, sand tanks, portable CO2 sprayers, some fire fighting clothing, gas masks .

 Prepare a regular water source and the necessary access road for fire trucks when necessary. There are plans for emergency escape for people and important documents and assets. There are specific rules on fire and explosion prevention. There are adequate signs, signs and signboards necessary for areas, points of fire and explosion prevention, fire ban, strong shocks and indication of escape routes. There are regulations on the use of electricity for construction and living on construction sites, construction fire sources and specific activities. Organizing inspection and reward periodically and irregularly.

 Always propagating and reminding people to strictly abide by the regulations of fire prevention and fighting, build a high sense of vigilance to preserve absolute peace to focus on building high-quality and on-time projects.



The living environment and invaluable property of everyone has been seriously polluted. Environmental protection is everyone's duty. Being aware of your responsibility and knowing that the construction site has many potential environmental pollution factors, the contractor will do the following.


1. Prepare measures to protect the environment

Before starting the construction site The Contractor will set up specific measures on " Environmental Protection ". Review before company leaders and must be approved. In case of large-scale construction, long-term construction or special properties ..., the measure must be protected before the agency specialized in environmental protection and approved.

 The selected solutions must ensure the following objectives:

- Shield dust, toxic gases, bad smell, noise, strong noise, heat radiation, radiation, etc. arising during construction, transportation, loading and unloading of materials and vehicle operations construction machines, not to directly affect the living environment of people in the area, do not increase the pollution to water sources, the ground and the atmosphere in general.

 - Preserving intact and embellishing plants, surrounding landscapes and the construction site itself. Do not cut down trees, flowers, gardens, inherent forests, do not hinder the existing roads, playgrounds and yards.

- Do not let the presence of the site adversely affect the peaceful life inherent in the region and the region. - Arranging staff, assigning responsibilities for organizing the implementation and regularly propagating education, reminding and inspecting and rewarding and promptly punishing achievements and mistakes.

 2. Basic measures

Making surface water drainage system, production water and rational and hygienic water, ensuring the site is always dry and clean and tidy. Sanitary wastewater is treated through 2 -: - 3 septic tanks before being discharged into the general system. Rain water, water produced through the sedimentation and garbage screens in steel before discharging into the common pipe.

 Make barrier walls close to the required height separating the surrounding environment. Scraps are collected on the designated site, moved up and down through a closed trough at the designated time. Waste soil removed, cement, sand, lime, etc., transported to the construction site by car are covered with tarpaulin, avoiding dust and spillage on the road ...

Implement industrial hygiene regime. Make a day to clean up that day, make a place to clean up that place. Organize weekly cleaning and monthly cleaning, re-arrange neat tidy material storage. Arrange appropriate working hours to avoid noise, excessive noise affecting sleep, the normal lifestyle of the people around.

 Organizing separate male and female WC system, having enough water, electricity and people cleaning daily not to let the bad smell affect the construction site and surrounding areas ... in accordance with the current labor law . Create a well-ventilated, well-lit, dust-free working environment without noise and noise that exceeds the level to ensure health for construction workers themselves. Use technical measures to shield noise-generating machines such as generators, concrete mixers .... to minimize noise to below allowed levels.

 The best choice in the construction of industrial projects, construction unit prices, Trung Lam Steel structure Company is a competitive market.

Trung Lam company : Providing technological solutions for optimal design of steel structure for construction of industrial steel buildings, production premises. Please contact us to get the most practical advice & Price estimation of items (architectural design - structural design - supply of construction materials) according to unit price in September / 2017 .

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