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Price list for construction of Trung Lam Construction Investment Joint Stock Company


With 15+ years of experience in the construction of pre-engineered steel buildings . Trung Lam Construction Joint Stock Company is a reliable address for investors to find and create construction works with the most reasonable price on the market today.


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Detailed price list of civil works construction of Trung Lam Steel House Construction Investment Joint Stock Company is as follows :
1. Raw construction price :
Area 1 (including urban districts such as: District 1 , District 3 , District 5 , District 6 , District 10 , District 11 , Tan Binh, Binh Thanh, Go Vap, Tan Phu, Binh Tan, etc.)

Raw construction price : VND 1,700,000 to VND 2,600,000 / m2 including materials and labor, Free completion , price fluctuations according to the design of your house.

2. Complete construction price :
With the price list from 2.9 00.000- 4.8 million VND / m2 depending on the area and scale of the project.

Here is the article of Trung Lam Construction Investment Joint Stock Company accumulated over many years of experience that will help customers better understand the cost of building houses.

When preparing to build a new home, a problem that all homeowners and developers are interested in is the cost of construction. The calculation of construction costs is divided into 2 specific steps, calculating the calculation of construction value and detailed estimation.


Steel Buildings

Consulting construction of steel buildings in Ho Chi Minh City

Experience calculating estimates of construction value
The calculation of construction value estimates based on statistics and experience through many works of construction contractors, experienced contractors will find statistical correlations between cost and a variable there. The most common and most common is the correlation between construction area and price per unit area.

For example , we often hear that the current housing construction price is VND 2.4 million / m2 .

As mentioned above, the calculation of the calculation based on unit price / m2 is based on statistics so there will certainly be many errors and reliability depending very much on the quantity and quality of statistical samples. Specifically, the contractor must have many works in shape, perfect quality of structure, geology, similar strata to get a reliable statistical result.

Normally, the deviation of the estimated value on the construction unit price / m2 is now quite high, maybe more than 10% and there is a special case up to 15% .


According to the current construction price list of Trung Lam Construction Investment Joint Stock Company in HCM City , the construction unit price / m2 is calculated as follows:

Raw part : 2.4 -2.9 million VND / m2 (Note not including fences, garden and interior equipment) Finishing part : 3-5 million VND / m2 .

This construction area is understood as the area of ​​the ground floor, the floor and the balcony. If the roof is tiled, usually add 30-50% of the unit price for the roof.

For example : Building a house with ground floor area of 100 m2 , built with a floor of two floors and a tile roof, the construction value of the raw material is as follows: 100 x 3 x 2,500,000 + 100 x 2,500,000 x 1/3 =.

Detailed cost planning
This is the most accurate method to calculate construction costs. In order to set up an estimate for a house that is about to be built, it is prudent that the expected construction work must be completed with detailed design documents, including geological survey records and detailed design documents. structure, structural design documents, design documents for water supply and drainage systems, design records of electrical systems, telephones, computers, protection cameras ...

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Based on these design drawings, the estimates will calculate the detailed cost estimate of the construction. Calculation results of the estimates will give us the following 3 important calculation tables:

1. Estimated cost table: In this table is the exact volume of all jobs, items must be performed from start to finish.

For example: How many m2 of brick walls must be built with 100 cm thickness, how many concrete blocks and columns must be poured into the building?

2. Summary of material costs : This table lists exactly the quantity and market unit price of all types of supplies to be used.

For example : How many tons of cement, steel, how many bricks, bricks and cards must be used ...

3. Summary table of estimated budget : In this table, the estimator will specify the cost of materials, labor and other costs when constructing the project. This is the final estimation with high accuracy, the error is less than 5% for the valuation of a project.

Thus, depending on the importance of the project, depending on the level of risk tolerance and error, investors can choose a plan with high errors but quick and simple (calculation method estimate) or choose a method of determining reliability (detailed estimation).

Trung Lam company : Providing package construction price list. Please contact us to get the most practical advice & Price estimation of items (architectural design - structural design - supply of construction materials) according to unit price in September / 2017 .

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