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We have worked with many clients all over the Southeast Asia since 2009 and attribute our high client retention rate due to our tailor-made pre-engineered steel buildings (P.E.B.) solutions to each client’s specific requirements as well as our commitments to any project’s outcome



 Recruitment of Human Resources

 Trung Lam Pre- Engineered Steel Buildings


1 HR strategy:

Building human resources with the right attitude and appropriate capacity to operate the management system is always upgraded over time.

Build an excellent workforce with a spirit of dedication, a sense of self-training, capable of working with partners to create the core value of Trung Lam.

2. Trung Lam human resource development policy:

Manpower is a valuable and critical capital.

Building human resources is able to meet the process of developing the pre-engineered steel buildings, steel structures of the company and participating in the construction of the country.

Trung Lam implements a long-term policy of using human resources through training programs and rational work assignments, in order to create the best environment for human resources to develop along with the process of public development. company

To attach importance to developing internal human resources and inheritance teams, while recruiting additional human resources from foreign countries and foreign experts capable of training and training.

Human resources integrate the company culture and ensure the core price integrity that the company has formed during the development process.

3. Recruitment policy:

Unified and public throughout the system.

Recruitment according to needs and standards.

Priority is given to experience in pre-engineered steel buildings, steel structures and local human resources.

4. Training policy:

Is the most important task in construction and human resource development.

Applying a diversified training program: integration, professional, new skills, technology ..., internal or external.

Attention should be paid to training and training through work: higher levels of training lower levels, high-level specialists / lower level trainers.

Rotate human resources to train through real work.

5. Human resource management and development policies:

Labor management in accordance with the law and rules, regimes and policies of the company.

Building a healthy labor relationship based on the development of UNI0Ns that conform to the company culture.

Managing human resources from key agencies, decentralizing closely and responsibly.

Job description, responsibility and authority to each title.

Promoting, rewarding and rewarding based on assessing the attitudes and capabilities of each individual

6. Salary, bonus policy, remuneration and welfare regime:

Ensure income of employees competing and commensurate with units of the same industry, the same area in each period.

Income salary includes basic salary and salary allowances commensurate with labor, responsibility and labor efficiency.

Collective individuals and individuals who have achieved outstanding achievements will be honored and rewarded, rewarded, timely and fair.

Periodic and year-end commendation regime depends on business results.

Unexpected reward regime according to individual and collective achievements.

7. Remuneration and welfare regime:

Additional support for cases of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance.

Coverage for lunch, housing, transportation.

Equipped with uniforms and labor protection.

Perform periodical health check for employees.

Organize sightseeing tours and fine arts activities (Trung Lam family festival, 8-3 ...)

Take care of material and spiritual life (wedding gifts, difficult allowance, sickness, joy, scholarship, international children's day ...)


1. CEO 1 * Advising the board of directors on the general development direction of the company.

* On behalf of the board of directors of the company: business, accounting, administration-HR, company assets.
* Establish operational strategies for the whole company (Including: planning, direction, evaluation, etc.) to ensure the requirements assigned by the board.
* Set up work processes for each department, ensure the system works uniformly and closely.
* Develop and implement operational plans according to the general targets assigned by the Board of Directors.
* Contribute to brand building.
And some other work will be exchanged during the live interview. * Graduated from university.
* At least 05 years of experience in the same position at joint stock companies
* Good thinking: Analysis, synthesis and creativity
* Patient, assertive, sharp
* Deep understanding of life, economy, market, customers.
* Ability to lead and run a comprehensive and detailed development organization.
* Relationships with mass organizations and customers related to the operation of the company.

2. Chief Financial Officer 1 - Organizing, managing and operating activities of the Finance and Accounting Department;

- Investing in finance, capital and budget in the Company;
- Management, inspection, guidance and implementation of accounting and statistics regimes;
- Financial and asset management under the Company's Charter and financial regulations;
- Meeting financial needs for all production and business activities of the Company;
- Collect and process accounting information and data according to accounting standards and regimes.
- Prepare financial statements according to the regulations of the Ministry of Finance
- Financial inspection.
- Planning the financial strategy of the Enterprise.
- Evaluate the business programs of enterprises in the financial aspect.
- Make a plan for reserve funds in appropriate forms to meet unexpected budget needs.
- Maintain the liquidity of the Enterprise and ensure sufficient financial resources for the Enterprise.
- Develop a reasonable profit sharing policy.
- Ensure that the assets of the Company are controlled and used in a reasonable and profitable way.
- Establish and implement the Enterprise's cash management policy to ensure sufficient funds to meet short-term payment needs.
- In charge of managing and directing the operation of the Finance and Accounting Department on the basis of preserving and developing the Company's capital, and committing to the efficiency of capital use. - Graduated from University of Finance and Accounting, Economics University or related.
- 5 years of experience at the same position (Chief Financial Officer, Chief Accountant).
- Must work hard with the highest sense of responsibility and professional ethics.
- Do not do anything contrary to regulations, guidelines and policies of the Company; contrary to the law of the State; affecting the reputation and image of the Company; contrary to the company's interests and culture.
- Be responsible to the Law and the Board of Directors for all the rights and obligations assigned.
- If in the process of executing tasks due to poor consciousness leading to economic losses for enterprises, they will be sued to the state law authorities.

3. Technical Director 1 - Build workflow, build technical staff.

- Training and personnel management Technical Department (Design - Construction).
- Monitoring lower level work
- Plan and arrange work for production engineering department
- Project construction management.
- Coordinate with departments, departments and committees.
- The direct and regular relationship with the Investor in the implementation of the Contractor's responsibilities such as technical acceptance, completion documents, direct working with consulting agencies ...
- Managing the organization of production and construction of the company's techniques.
- Be responsible to the Board of Directors for all aspects of operating the technical department of the company.
- Take full responsibility in providing investors with necessary reports to ensure completed works of quality, ensuring necessary safety conditions during construction.
- Receive all requests from the Investor.
- Responsible to the General Director for all production activities as well as other jobs on the construction site.
- Regularly report to the management of the company about the production situation in the factory and construction and erection outside the construction site.
- Managing production organizations and participating in accounting with the Company from time to time to achieve economic efficiency.
- Managing the organization of design, estimating and bidding.
- Handling issues related to technical quality.
- Advising the General Director on the allocation of production plans.
- Propose and advise the Board of Directors on technical improvement solutions.
- Calculating the allocation of product prices.
- On behalf of the General Director to solve production-related issues.
- Mastering the guidelines and policies of economic development strategy of the company.
- Understand the short-term and long-term production and business strategies of the company.
- Understand the business plan of the Company.
- Mastering the management, organization and operation operations.
- Understand the professional fields and technical operations related to the assigned work.
- Evaluate the performance of each employee under the authority and make recommendations for rewards and fines according to the Company's regulations - Professional and technical qualifications: Specialized engineers (Civil & Mechanical construction)
- Graduated from University specialized in construction, architecture or equivalent diploma.
- Having practiced production management in steel structure industry for 5 years or more.
- Experience in the field of pre-engineered steel buildings in the same position.
- Proficient use of autocad;
- Proficiently use one of the calculation software: SAP, ETAB, STAADPRO, ...
- Ability to design and estimate.
- Good communication skill.
- Honest, enthusiastic, agile.
- High sense of responsibility, high discipline
- Dynamic, thinking innovative, creative, withstand work pressure.

4. Sales Staff Steel Structure 3

- Search customers, contact customers and negotiate contracts.
- Learn market, design consultancy, quotation of steel structure works, civil and industrial construction.
- Meet and advise customers on the best way to do the job. Introduce the products that the company is producing.
- Receive projects and organize quotes, compose transaction contracts with customers.
- Deploy projects and plans. Follow the on-going contract.
- Implement customer contact plan set by the Project Sales Department.
- Understand and understand clearly the products and services the company is trading.
- Actively exploit and develop a network of potential customers.
- Coordinate with the Project Business Department to prepare a monthly, quarterly and yearly business plan. From there, monitor, evaluate & adjust the plan accordingly.
- Receive customer inquiries, inquiries and direct settlement.
- Build a system of customers for themselves, in the area allocated by the superior.
- Regularly monitor and grasp the arising needs of customers, receive feedback from customers, quickly resolve or propose solutions to superiors.
- Support the Accounting Department to monitor debts and recover debts of customers under their charge.
- Making periodical business reports for superiors.
- Responsible for ensuring sales by month, quarter and year. - Graduated from College, University of Economics, Business Administration.
- Passion in the field of construction, steel structure.
- High responsibility, long-term commitment to the Company. Sensitive in handling situations.
- Proficient in office.
- Experience in sales, business and marketing consulting.
- Skills: communicating, arranging scientific, rational work and teamwork ability.
- Quick and enthusiastic at work (highly appreciated)
- Withstand the daily workload pressure
- Positive working attitude, serious and honest behavior.

5. Designers 1 - Join the Concept idea, put up a preliminary design plan.

- Design of works.

- Building 3D architectural perspective.

- Perform other works related to construction design.

Graduated from Bach Khoa University or Architecture University
Specialized in civil and industrial design
Experience: 1-2 years
Computer skills: MS Office, AutoCad
Good use: Sap 2000, ETABS, MIDAS, STAAD PRO
Priority with experience in steel structure design, detailed design

6. Steel Structure Factory Manager 1 - Receiving orders from Sales Department, deploying production, ensuring production progress.

- Checking the drawings and records of production documents in technical terms.
- Managing personnel at the Department, mobilizing and allocating personnel to ensure production, interviewing and recruiting new personnel to ensure the quality of human resources at the Division;
- Guide, train new personnel, evaluate monthly personnel by KPI;
- Manage tools, supplies, equipment and machinery to ensure continuous production, asset management, cost management at the Division;
- Quality control after production, limiting waste products;
- Building, deploying and implementing 5S at the factory;
- Organize ex-works plan and erection plan.
- Organizing the production site in accordance with the production technology process, internal safety regulations, labor discipline, fire protection
- Settling or negotiating production and production techniques with customers and partners.
- Implement an effective production plan: Assigning tasks to production teams, coordinating production, monitoring quality, ensuring productivity, efficiency, progress, labor safety and protection environment.
- Analyzing and evaluating labor productivity and production norms.
- Making and guiding technology techniques, improving technologies and production tools.
- Report the week and month to the Board of Directors about the situation of production at the workshop - Graduated from college or university of mechanical engineering
- At least 03 years of experience in the position of managing steel structure production
- Ability to read proficient drawings, understand technological process of steel structure production.
- Proficient in supporting software such as Autocad.
- Rich experience in production management
- Skills: Management, Communication, Communication, negotiation
- Ability to work independently, Ability to organize work, under pressure.
- Love the job, have a sense of responsibility.

7. Online Marketing Staff 1 + Planning product advertising on online channels

+ Implement advertising campaigns through Online Marketing channels, Email Marketing ...
+ Track and optimize product advertising campaigns
+ Performing tasks related to SEO activities
+ Writing and posting articles for websites, fanpage of companies, forums ...
+ Planning advertising products on online channels
+ Implement advertising campaigns through Online Marketing channels, Email Marketing ...
+ Track and optimize product advertising campaigns
+ Performing tasks related to SEO activities
+ Write and post articles for websites, fanpage of companies, forums ... + Level: University / College
+ Major: Marketing
+ Experience: prioritize experienced candidates in one of the areas of SEO, Online Marketing, Email Marketing and have experience in writing product introduction
+ Foreign language: English - reading comprehension materials
+ Ability to manage team teams
+ Sensitive, active, enthusiastic and honest

8.Construction Supervision of Steel Structure Construction 2
- Responsible and mainly responsible for the construction of construction methods, computational testing, structural analysis, construction organization, construction management and supervise construction of steel structure erection.
- Experience in construction management and erection of steel structures for pre-engineered steel buildings.
- Daily report directly to the Head of Technical Department, indirectly to the Head of Human Resources Administration.
- Directly managing and operating all activities of the company at the construction site.
- Actual survey before erection.
- Field supervisors are obliged to supervise the work on the site according to the approved design drawings.
- It is responsible for working with the contractor's supervisor or supervisor for acceptance of the completed work.
- Prepare and supervise the implementation of detailed progress schedule of construction.
- Directly create quality management documents, completion documents, payment records and work settlement according to schedule.
- Coordinate all installation and delivery activities at the construction site
- Take full responsibility for occupational safety and security at the construction site
- Planning, organizing inspection, monitoring and recording all occupational safety documents according to the law, including: Occupational Insurance Insurance Paper, checking construction equipment tools.
- Monitor all field work to maintain a safe work environment.
- Organize meeting to remind occupational safety at the beginning of the day and sign through safety measures applied in daily installation operations.
- Check the use of labor protection equipment every day on site.
- Organize and report on occupational safety inspection at the construction site on a weekly basis.
- Work with authorized persons to request working overtime in the construction site when necessary. - Having experience of 1 year or more at the same position.
- Experience in supervising and erecting pre-engineered steel buildings.
- Enthusiastic in work, careful.

9. Estimated Staff 1 - Participate in the project survey.

- Participating in designing, planning and projecting bidding packages.
- + Join the original profile design.
- + Dissection of estimates.
- + Together with the Sales Department, the quotation.
- Organization of work plan for implementation of the bidding package: At the same time with the divestment of the estimates, the bidding package must be planned.
- Proposing the allocation of supplies and vehicles ...
- During the implementation of the project that arises transporting or planning, it must be proposed in advance to prepare transport vehicles, far from the crane ...
- Proposing materials to storekeepers;
- Personnel margin: Prepare a list of construction workers according to the bidding package.
- Control and manage workers: Every day, to control the number of workers of each project they are assigned to manage, Control all tools, machines and equipment of each project in charge .
- Proposal for payment: Prepare and send a written request for payment of cost items according to the actual situation at the project assigned to manage.
- Controlling and storing surplus materials: Controlling materials imported into the project.
- Negotiating and receiving investors' opinions: When having requests from investors, they must be responsible for negotiating and finding the most appropriate solutions.
- Participate in adjusting drawings, cost estimates and estimates.
- Settlement arises at the project. Graduated from University or above specialized in Construction, Mechanical
At least 2 years of equivalent position experience
Update MS Office and AutoCAD
Ability to calculate based on the principle diagram drawing provided
Ability to withstand work pressure



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