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We have worked with many clients all over the Southeast Asia since 2009 and attribute our high client retention rate due to our tailor-made pre-engineered steel buildings (P.E.B.) solutions to each client’s specific requirements as well as our commitments to any project’s outcome


Workshop construction trends in 2019

 Requirement when building the investor's workshop should be concerned

Before constructing, the investor should prepare well the following problem:

Looking for design units to conduct factory design .

After having a dossier, the investor began to look for construction contractors.

Select solutions to build factories with optimal costs

Steel Buildings

Industrial buildings Trung Lâm

Building reinforced concrete factory

Important components such as nails, columns, beams are built of reinforced concrete.

Walls are built of brick thickness depending on the design.

Factory roof: Using galvanized steel sheet + PU insulation sheet, soundproof. Use 1.4l-2.0ly thick black or galvanized purlin ...

Building prefabricated steel factory

All items such as columns, rafter beams are designed and made available at the factory then proceeded to erect at the site. The foundation is placed with anchor bolts to erect steel columns.

Walls are built with a thickness of 10 cm or 20 cm. The wall height can be over 2m and is fitted with additional walls.

Workshop roof: Similar to the construction of reinforced concrete factory.

In the above two solutions, prefabricated steel solution has many outstanding advantages. And being chosen by many investors and priority units.

Classification of prefabricated factories

Use of fertilizer factory

The factory is divided into many areas. Each area has its own mission.

The factory consists of office block in front or next to the factory for office block both working and manufacturing.

Workshop divided by height

The factory is from 8m to 12m high, including wind roof.

High factory from 6m to 8m including wind roof.

Experience in construction and supervision of factories

When building a factory, special attention should be paid to foundation and foundation. Depending on the nature of the soil, we can implement reinforcement measures accordingly.

For the background, we need to have a layout of steel floor so that it is reasonable. The thickness of the base concrete can be up to 50cm if the factory places machinery and production equipment with load up to several tens of tons / m2.

After pouring concrete, proceed to rub the concrete foundation with the machine to remove the foundation. Conducting Epoxy paint to prevent dust clogging, to clean sanitation ...

With structural parts: Steel columns, steel rafter should be carefully designed to avoid the occurrence of shortage or excess. According to the standard of normal factory design, 1m is about 20-32kg of steel depending on the scale of the factory, the level of financial investment.

Work skills of the mechanic team erect the factory frame, the team of construction workers to build the foundation, foundation and walls.

Construction of a prestigious steel factory in Ho Chi Minh City.

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Industrial buildings Trung Lâm

Equipment and machinery to assist in the construction process of pre-engineered steel factory

With the experience of building factories with completed construction works, Trung Lam Steel Buildings Co. , Ltd realized that the use of modern machinery and equipment will help the factory construction to be implemented quickly and safely. and quality. At every stage, we need to have supporting machines and equipment. From the stage of transporting steel structure components to erection at the construction site.

construction of prestigious steel workshop structure

For large-scale factory buildings, large-capacity concrete mixers should be used to ensure concrete quality. For heavy-weight steel components it is imperative that the construction unit must use lifting equipment.

Trung Lâm Steel

To be provided with optimal solutions for construction of factories , pre-engineered steel buildings, please contact us to receive the most accurate and practical advice.

Trung Lam Steel House

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