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We have worked with many clients all over the Southeast Asia since 2009 and attribute our high client retention rate due to our tailor-made pre-engineered steel buildings (P.E.B.) solutions to each client’s specific requirements as well as our commitments to any project’s outcome


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TRUNG LAM pre-engineered steel buildings  ✓ The optimal solution for your project ✓ If a project needs to be erected quickly and sustainably, then the Trung Lam Steel building is the best choice. .

 Steel Buildings trung lam - steel structure

 How To Choose Construction Contractor Steel Buildings ?


Quality & Sustainable Prestige ...?


If the investor is confused about choosing a steel house consultancy company, building a factory, designing a level 4 pre-engineered steel buildings ... etc. Let Trung Lam steel house do it for you!

With over 15 years of operation in the field of prefabricated buildings , pre-engineered steel buildings, steel structures, factory construction ... etc. Trung Lam Steel Buildings is proud to be the leading construction company in the construction field. design of prefabricated houses in the country in general and in HCMC. Ho Chi Minh in particular.



Steel Buildings - steel structure - Pre-Engineered Steel Building



What is prefabricated steel house?

At present, with the explosion of investment waves in Vietnam, it will create a huge demand for factories especially low-cost pre-engineered steel buildings , therefore, enterprises operating in the field of building steel buildings quite a lot, making the selection of construction units easier than ever.

Seeing the needs and difficulties of customer partners. We Trung Lam Pre-Engineered Steel Building Company is determined to create the best value for investors' businesses with the mission:
" Shorten the Barrier Time For All Works "

Advantages of designing prefabricated steel buildings bring:

  • => Low construction costs.
  • => Low maintenance cost.
  • => Fast construction time.
  • => Easily change or expand more items in the future so businesses will increase their use instead of building a normal factory.


  • • Steel composite " I " shape used for main frame (column, rafter, floor beam)
  • • Composition of " Z " and " C " shaped cold rolled steel for substructures (roof purlins, purlins).
  • • Composition of rolled steel sheet (corrugated iron, corrugated iron)


The explosion of investment waves in Vietnam will create great demand for factories especially pre-engineered steel buildings in the coming time. This is the comment of engineers and construction experts at the workshop "Innovations in the steel industry" designing pre-engineered steel buildings in construction "in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam, also assess that in Next time the demand for pre-engineered steel buildings "designing steel prefabricated houses in Vietnam will increase sharply. Trung Lam Pre-Engineered Steel Building Company , is one of the companies designing prefabricated houses - manufacturing and installing leading prestigious steel buildings in Vietnam.

Trung Lam Pre-Engineered Steel Building Company said: "Due to the advantages of prefabricated design" high-rise steel buildings with steel, low cost, fast construction time, low maintenance costs and easy opening. In the future, businesses will increase their use instead of building a common factory.
When constructing a steel frame, there are the following basic structures: Secondary structure, sub-structure, floor and main frame system.



Steel Buildings trung lam - steel structure
Detailed description of structure - technical construction of Trung Lam pre-engineered steel house


Basic parameters describe the design of prefabricated steel buildings

  • - House width: 30m max
  • - House length: depending on customer requirements
  • - Height: 38m - 9 floors of steel buildings
  • - Column step: This is the distance to keep the columns along the house, depending on the length and purpose of the house
  • - Load: Self weight, roof load, wind load, crane load, floor load, use load
  • - Designed according to the standard 2737 - 1995


Roof composition of pre-engineered steel buildings


  • - Main frames (columns and trusses): are components of cross section " I ", with a high or constant cross section.
  • - Secondary structural components (purlins, wall top bars and wall beams) are mild steel bars that create cool " Z " and " C " or joist beams.
  • - Steel plates shaped by rolling and fabricated according to prefabricated house designs.
  • - All primary and secondary structural components are cut, punched, drilled, welded and formed into the previous shape in the factory before being transferred to the construction site. The quality of the home components is always guaranteed because it is fully manufactured at the factory according to standards and strictly inspected by engineers. At the site, prefabricated components at the factory will be linked together by bolts.
  • -Installing and erecting the main column of prefabricated house


Steel Buildings - steel structure - Pre-Engineered Steel Building

Construction and erection of trusses Prefabricated column


Steel Buildings trung lam - steel structure


Construction of the first truss crane at the construction


Steel Buildings trung lam - steel structure

Construction of rafter links into columns

Steel Buildings - steel structure - Pre-Engineered Steel Building

Construction of purlin prefabricated roof


Steel Buildings - steel structure - Pre-Engineered Steel Building

I have completed the installation of 100% of the lock


Steel Buildings - steel structure - Pre-Engineered Steel Building

Construction of wind roof and complete 100% purlins

Steel Buildings trung lam - steel structure

Economical in designing pre-engineered steel buildings


  • - Light weight compared to other materials helps reduce load pressure
  • - Saving auxiliary materials (compared to traditional fixed houses)
  • - Simple and quick erection, despite all weather conditions
  • - Make the most of the factory space
  • - High synchronization
  • - Easy to scale
  • - Less expensive time, finance.
  • - Design of prefabricated steel buildings can be installed together with various structural accessories such as mezzanine floors, flat floor bridge beams on roofs, overhead walkways and other accessories such as race roofs, roof valances and partitions .
  • - Especially construction of pre-engineered steel buildings with good drainage by using vertical roof system, drainage components and roof valances. This is an extremely flexible home system, which allows to be equipped inside to meet all functions and external decoration to satisfy the beautiful architectural design.

The above reasons make pre-engineered steel house designs ideal for use as factories, warehouses, galleries, supermarkets, office buildings for rent, high-rise steel buildings.


Steel Buildings - steel structure - Pre-Engineered Steel Building

Steel Buildings - steel structure - Pre-Engineered Steel Building

Steel Buildings

Steel Buildings trung lam - steel structure

All images belong to Trung Lam pre-engineered steel house


UNIT PRICE : The frame of the frame according to the detailed weight of steel structure in kg includes labor and installation materials

UNIT PRICE : Tole according to customers' specifications (price depends on material and actual time)

APPLICATION PRICE : STEEL HOUSE PRICE NOTICE (Note: the price list is for reference only, to help customers anticipate expenses, to understand the details, please contact us directly for more accurate advice)

With over 15 years of experience in pre-engineered steel buildings - a team of more than 200 employees is working at Trung Lam Steel Building Company , trained through professional and active schools. For many years in the industry, along with the investment in finishing material facilities such as forklifts, crane machines and modern equipment imported from Europe, Trung Lam always ensure the technical quality of construction, progress Works fastest according to customer requirements.

In addition to the construction of factory buildings, Trung Lam Construction Steel Company also undertakes processing and installation for large-scale factories over 1000. Tons / month.

Trung Lam Company: Providing technological solutions for optimal design of steel structures for construction of pre-engineered steel buildings, high-rise steel buildings, production workshop premises, etc. Please contact us to receive The most practical and accurate advice & Price estimation of items (architectural design - structural design - supply of construction materials) according to unit price in 09/2017 .

Investor : Providing information on building pre-engineered steel buildings, asking us to design consultancy - estimating materials prices in the section:


Contact : Design consultant of pre-engineered steel buildings: Hotline: 0913 99 12 99


Trung Lam Pre-Engineered Steel Building Company: Prestigious company is highly appreciated by customers and investors, about professional construction. We not only aim for quality but also for perfection. And we have enough experience and ability to do it well. Customers who want to receive an accurate quotation for their pre-engineered steel building, please contact us at Trung Lam company immediately.


Trung Lam Steel Buildings Company is committed to providing customers with solutions to build a pre-engineered steel building with a comprehensive goal.





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