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We have worked with many clients all over the Southeast Asia since 2009 and attribute our high client retention rate due to our tailor-made pre-engineered steel buildings (P.E.B.) solutions to each client’s specific requirements as well as our commitments to any project’s outcome


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factory buildings - steel structure


Factory Buildings!

 We have over 15+ years in the construction of factories, high-rise steel buildings, pre-engineered steel buildings . Therefore, you should look through 8 experiences in designing and building a package factory in 2017 to understand the requirements, as well as the notes.


1. Experience in selecting contractors to build prefabricated factories - Don't lose money unfairly ... ???

Since most want to reduce costs or information in contract terms are unclear, most investors fall into the following two cases

Not understanding the capacity of the contractor 

The project has many subcontractors involved in the process of finishing factories such as: Water and electricity team, erection mechanical team, complete construction team, paint team ... etc.

Managing construction progress is not easy. Teams of mechanics do not come from a link leading to overlap of construction time. This team must wait for the other team to delay the progress and not ensure the quality of the construction.

Prices of construction materials are not synchronized as soon as the contract is signed

Some contractors have experience in the process of designing and constructing factories, but they lack the supplies and equipment to prepare a stable source of goods from reputable suppliers, to unify the package price as soon as contracted ... etc

This is very influential to the progress of the project, when the price keeps changing constantly & between the contractor - the investor keeps renewing the construction price.

* And advice

In order to avoid unnecessary money loss, investors should choose a company with real experience and capability in the field of building package factories because:

  • - Using the package service will be offered a much cheaper price with advice to help you control and balance the budget with the design of the factory, construction materials, minimizing the cost of delivery. born.
  • - Professional because of many experiences in designing factories - manufacturing many construction works.
  • - Helping to manage the works, ensuring the construction progress is not overlapped.
  • - Responsible for quality, seriously fix the problem if the product does not meet the requirements.
  • - Helping investors quickly improve and put factories into production and business activities.

Steel Buildings trung lam - steel structure

Steel Structure Design Model - Factory Building

2. Why should investors choose Trung Lam steel building factory construction ... ???


  • • Free counseling support.

  • • Quick completion time of works.

  • • Certification of international standard ISO : 9001 - 2015 .

  • • Estimated exact volume, factory construction price.

  • • Commitment to the best construction price of the factory by construction contract.

  • • Providing solutions for designing steel structures, building cost-effective workshops.

  • • Trung Lam steel house with over 15+ years of experience in factory design consultancy - factory construction.

  • • Construction of over 80 diverse buildings projects in areas (Central - Central Highlands - Southern - Western).

  • • Trung Lam Steel Factory is centrally located (District 9 - Ho Chi Minh City), convenient to travel by road (National Highway 1A) or waterway (Cat Lai Port).

Steel Buildings trung lam - steel structure

Construction Commencement Ceremony of Trung Lam Steel House & Continent Academy District 198 Da Lat (Ministry of Defense)

3. Benefits investors receive


Investor quickly put factory buildings into production and business activities with guaranteed quality & lowest cost.

The strength of Trung Lam steel house is experience, professionalism, proactively improving production technology, providing optimal steel structure design solutions for factory construction costs with advantages.

  • • Low cost
  • • Sustainability
  • • High uniformity
  • • Low maintenance costs
  • • Easy to scale up
  • • Environmental friendliness
  • • Make the most of the factory space
  • • Fast construction time, cost saving, long-term warranty.
  • • Easily expand more in the future for businesses.
  • • Easily save extra materials (compared to traditional fixed types).
  • • The weight of prefabricated steel is lighter than that of other materials, thus reducing the load pressure.
  • • Especially with pre-engineered steel buildings, it will be well separated by technology using vertical roofs, roof and roof components.

Steel Buildings trung lam

Sample of Construction Projects Typical Factory - Trung Lam Steel House

4. Building factories with pre-engineered steel buildings solutions


Building factories, based on pre-engineered steel buildings solutions with superior advantages compared to traditional solutions such as reinforced concrete houses.

  • • High reliability and bearing capacity : Because steel materials have high bearing strength, highest in construction materials, steel structure has great bearing capacity. High reliability is due to the homogeneous structure of steel. The elasticity and plasticity of steel materials are closest to the calculation assumptions.
  • • Light weight : Lightest steel structure among bearing structures. From wood, stone, concrete are not as light as.
  • • Mobility in transportation and assembly : Due to its light weight and high rigidity, the transport and assembly of steel structure is easy and fast. Steel structure is easy to repair, change, remove, move.
  • • Tightness : Bonding material, steel structure with watertightness, air permeability, suitable for liquid storage and gas storage facilities, this is difficult for other materials.
  • Conclusion : Choosing to build a factory with a prefabricated solution will help customers get a quality, sustainable construction with a shortened cost and time of 1/2 compared to traditional factory construction.

Steel Buildings trung lam - steel structure

>>> Review 3D Design Model - Trung Lam Steel buildings Factory Design Consultant


5. Types of factory construction


The types of factory construction that the construction unit or factory construction and the investor often use as follows:

Building workshops by construction materials:

  • Factory construction units often have to build the entire factory frame from columns and beams with steel trusses except for the foundation. The foundation is cast in reinforced concrete and placed anchor bolts positioned to wait for the steel column to build the factory.
  • • Factory walls are built of bricks about 10cm or 20cm thick. The height is about 2.2m to 2.8m, then it is made of tole wall according to the factory design documents required.
  • • Factory roof: used with galvanized color tole + insulation board to prevent heat and noise. Use 1.4l-2.0ly thick black or galvanized purlin ...
  • Constructing a workshop to use industrial capacity:
  • • Building factories including: workshop blocks 1,2,3 to install equipment, materials, and finished products.
  • • Building factories including: office blocks in front or next to the factory to be able to work and produce.
  • Building workshops by height:
  • • Height from 6m to 8m including wind roof.
  • • Height from 8m to 12m including wind roof

Note : When building a factory, pay attention to the foundation and foundation because this is the main part of the factory. The foundation and workshop floor will affect the quality of construction, construction cost.


6. Process of building a complete prefabricated factory


  • • Factory design : Receiving information from the investor (factory capacity, investment scale ...), we will carry out consulting, providing solutions for investors to choose . After unifying the plan, the architect combined with the design engineer will complete the architectural design plan, structure, materials ... and submit it to the investor for approval.
  • • Processing components : Based on structural drawings, we will carry out the production and processing of components. In the process of processing, the production unit will always inspect and supervise to ensure proper implementation of techniques, avoid errors.
  • • Construction of factories : Transportation of all components (columns, steel trusses, far from wood, beams ...) to the construction site and erection of workshops.

Steel Buildings trung lam

>>> Investor should look at details of the production - transportation - erection of factory construction of Trung Lam main contractor.

7. Attention when building the factory


Things to keep in mind when constructing workshops and supervising factory construction:

  • • When we build factories, we need to pay attention to the foundation of the factory because this is considered an important part of the factory. We can see that the foundation and the foundation will greatly affect the quality of the construction or construction cost.
  • • With the location of the factory located on the hard ground or the height compared to the construction foundation, when we construct the foundation, there is no need to reinforce the foundation such as: pressing piles or closing melaleuca poles. On the other hand, if we construct soft soil, soft soil, mud, we will make the foundation reinforcement very important for the construction of the factory.
  • • For the factory floor, according to the requirements of the user, the construction unit and the factory design have a reasonable layout. In addition, the concrete construction of the factory with a thickness of 10 to 50 cm is extremely important because based on that, the construction house has installed machinery and equipment with a load of up to several tens of tons / m2.
  • • When finishing the concrete part of the factory floor, it is necessary to paint epoxy layer on the concrete surface to prevent dust or easy cleaning ...
  • • Note: For steel columns or steel trusses of factories, we must design in a moderate way to avoid the lack of or excess steel layout. According to the standard of common factory design, every 1 to 20 kg of steel will depend on the size of the factory and the level of financial investment.
  • • It is also worth noting that the construction skills of the mechanic team erect the construction frame of the factory, the construction team of the construction team of the foundation, foundation and walls. That means Trung Lam Steel Building Company, we are committed to our customers, we have a professional and effective construction team.

In summary, with the construction process of our factory, following the above steps as summarized below: construction of the foundation of the factory, the foundation, the leveling and laying of the foundation, the erection of steel column truss for the factory, the erection of the frame. truss roofing, wall construction, concrete concreting of the factory floor, installation of lighting equipment, paint ...
To be provided with the best solutions for building factories, warehouses and production premises, please contact us to receive the most accurate and practical advice.

Steel Buildings trung lam

Trung Lam Steel House Specializing in Steel Structure Design Consultant Factory Building Construction Cost.

8. Factory construction unit price


  • • Unit price for construction of prefabricated factories, pre-fabricated warehouses, construction of industrial workshops, simple garages ( 100mm concrete foundation for goods, total weight of forklifts operating under 5 tons), construction area of 1500 m2 , elevation below 7.5 m , steel core construction column or concrete pouring column, steel truss, iron box, wall construction 100 mm high under 1.5 m then roofing tole, roof tole: Unit price construction from 1,350,000 VND / m2 - 1,550,000 VND / m2 (depending on area)
  • • Unit price for the construction of a large aperture pre-engineered steel building ( 150 mm2 concrete foundation for heavy goods, total weight of forklift trucks operating under 6.5 tons). Construction unit price is from 1,500,000 VND / m2 - 1,800,000 VND / m2 (depending on area). (Depending on the area of ​​building factories, operating industries, we will consult the column frame, workshop floor to get the most accurate price for customers)
  • • Unit price for construction of factory is to build prefabricated house, build reinforced concrete factory price from 2,500,000 VND / m2 - 3,500,000 VND / m2 (for factory 1 ground, 1 floor - 2 floors up)

Trung Lam company : Providing technological solutions for optimal design of steel structures for construction of factories, pre-engineered steel buildings, high-rise steel buildings, production workshop premises. Please contact us to get the most practical advice & Price estimation of items (architectural design - structural design - supply of construction materials) according to unit price in September / 2017 .

Investor : Supplying information of factory construction, asking us to design consultancy - estimating materials prices in the section:

Contact : Factory construction design consultant:
Hotline: 0913 99 12 99


Trung Lam Steel Buildings Company is committed to providing customers with solutions to build a pre-engineered steel building with a comprehensive goal.




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