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We have worked with many clients all over the Southeast Asia since 2009 and attribute our high client retention rate due to our tailor-made pre-engineered steel buildings (P.E.B.) solutions to each client’s specific requirements as well as our commitments to any project’s outcome







 Steel Buildings Trung Lam specializes in consulting construction of pre-engineered steel buildings in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh ... with optimal design solutions to cost to investors & customers.
In the current stage of industrial development, along with the economic development, there are many construction units to build pre-engineered steel buildings and compete very harshly. That leads to a sudden and rapid increase in demand for steel construction consultancy. But to choose a reputable and experienced unit is not simple.

To make it easier for customers & investors to choose the most effective pre-engineered steel building contractor unit, we offer 4 strategies as follows:

=> Using modern technology - advanced in the process of construction and production.

=> Applying design according to Vietnamese standards, International - experience of steel structure estimation.

=> Provide optimal solutions for construction costs - construction on schedule as required - ensure the quality of construction.

=> Selecting units with experience over 15+ years in the field of consultancy - design - production and construction of pre-engineered steel buildings, various construction projects of steel buildings, factories, high-rise steel buildings , industrial steel houses.

Trung Lam Pre-Engineered Steel Building Investment Joint Stock Company proudly meets all the most important factors in the field of construction design and construction of prefabricated buildings of steel buildings with the goal " BECAUSE THE BENEFITS OF CUSTOMERS "& the mission" WITHDRAWAL SHORT-TIME-TIME FOR ALL WORKS ".

To ensure the process of erecting pre-engineered steel buildings to achieve high efficiency, the consultancy on construction of steel buildings must be done well to ensure the production line as well as the construction schedule of steel buildings.


Steel Buildings

Trung Lam Steel House Company - Consulting - Design - Construction of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings


Steel Buildings trung lam


However, coupled with consulting the construction of steel buildings is also the model from the pre-engineered steel buildings structure of this type of steel buildings is the most popular today, by making steel structures produced and manufactured. available right from within the factory.

Construction of prefabricated steel buildings is often done according to the requirements of the designated architectural and technical drawings.

Steel Buildings trung lam

- Structural design
- Architectural design of steel buildings
- Producing steel components in steel production.
- Erection of steel structures at construction sites.
- Construction of reinforced concrete parts including: foundation, covering walls, steel buildings, ...
The entire steel structure is produced in a synchronized manner and then put into construction sites in the shortest time specified.

When constructing pre-engineered steel buildings, only a few pieces of construction work are required to create a complete construction, in order to minimize the construction time on the construction site as well as contribute to minimizing the construction to bring the steel house into operation. earliest.

In addition, the Investor can easily control the quality of the construction right from the production process.

Steel Building Consultants the main advantages of building steel buildings are: low cost, fast construction time, low maintenance costs and easy expansion in the future so it is the top choice of the Owner invest instead of building normal houses.

Steel Buildings trung lam

3D Perspective - Ca Nhac Restaurant Works - 206 Pasteur - District 3 - Ho Chi Minh City

Experience in designing and constructing pre-engineered steel buildings
By the strict quality management process from the stage of importing materials to the production of components at the steel factory, along with the team of architects and engineers with many years of experience in the design and construction work. Pre-engineered steel buildings at construction sites.

Trung Lam Steel Building Investment Joint Stock Company commits to bring customers a technical, aesthetic, progress and above all works which is the most efficient operation line of the workshop. Only in Trung Lam Steel Buildings .

Construction of pre-engineered steel buildings : 4 models of construction of existing steel houses
1. Consulting construction of steel buildings with reinforced concrete:
+ The construction unit of the steel house constructs the entire steel house from the foundation, columns and beams of reinforced concrete.
+ Wall of masonry steel walls with thickness of 10cm , or 20cm, depending on design dossiers.
+ Factory roof: using galvanized color tole + insulation board to prevent heat and noise. Use 1.4l-2.0ly thick black or galvanized purlin ...

Steel Buildings trung lam


2. Consulting construction of steel truss steel buildings:
+ The construction unit of the steel house constructs the whole factory from columns and beams with steel trusses except for the foundation. The foundation is made of reinforced concrete and placed bolts anchored to wait for the steel columns to be built.
+ Wall of brick steel building with thickness of 10cm , or 20cm , about 2.2m to 2.8m high, then making tole wall according to design profile.
+ Steel roof: using galvanized color tole + insulation board to prevent heat and noise. Use 1.4l-2.0ly thick black or galvanized purlin ...

3. Consultancy on construction of steel buildings by utility use :
- Steel buildings include workshop blocks 1,2,3 to put machines, materials and finished products
- Steel buildings including office blocks in front or next to factories for office blocks both working and manufacturing

4. Consulting construction of steel buildings by height:
- Steel buildings with height from 8m to 12m including wind roofs
- Steel buildings from 6m to 8m high including wind roofs
When building steel buildings, pay attention to the foundation and foundation because this is the main part of the factory. The foundation and workshop floor will affect the quality of construction, construction cost.

Steel Buildings

Overall 3D Perspective - Residential Residence Project

To meet the needs perfectly and friendly to better customers, please contact Trung Lam Company for detailed advice:

Trung Lam company : Providing technology solutions for optimal design of steel structures for construction of steel buildings, high-rise steel buildings, production workshop premises ... etc. Please contact us to receive these Best practical advice & Price estimation of items (architectural design - structural design - supply of construction materials) at unit price in 09/2017 .

Investor : Supplying information of building steel buildings, asking us to design consultancy - estimating materials prices in the section:

Contact : Steel building design consultant - Hotline: 0913 99 12 99


Trung Lam Steel Buildings Company is committed to providing customers with solutions to build a pre-engineered steel building with a comprehensive goal.




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